Patch 5.26, nuova nazione: LA Phlegra, Sleeping Giants!

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Patch 5.26, nuova nazione: LA Phlegra, Sleeping Giants!

Messaggio Da Zonk il 13/9/2018, 12:40

This update has a new late age nation called Phlegra, Sleeping Giants. There are also many bug fixes, UI improvements, tweaks and improvements for modders.

Johan ha scritto:
New nation: Phlegra, Sleeping Giants
If two players can win with the same amount of Ascension Points most dominion wins
Can change password during the game
Replaced PD info with total unit count in army setup screen
Number of eyes show in 'hit locations' (size stat details)
Free map memory before creating new random map
Increased minimum random map size
Chariots become giant soulless when they died
Oni cave province defence now gets a demon priest at PD level 1
Petrification only worked about 50% of the time
Summoning enchantments are now somewhat less effective
Scrollbar when viewing premade gods is not reset
Earth elementals are now stone beings (immune to petrification)
Golem start age is now 0
Random river tweak
More detailed dispel global enchantment message
Fixed bug where you could select an illegal formation
Drowning blood slaves message was incorrect
Removed debug print from finding start position, making it a bit faster
Fire as default for flying archers
Fix for tramplers trampling one square too much
Heat and Chill aura bless gives increased resistance 5 -> 10
Fateweaving harder to resist
Cheat detection takes blesses into account too
AI pretender design sometimes didn't spend all points
Lingering effects with strength modified damage didn't work
Improved feedback for wind ride
Fix for site 'The Highest Peak'
Sprite fix for Titan of Growth and Spring
Stay dead after losing head and changing shape
Ryujin didn't always get their pearl
Immigration message mentions amount of people
Too many ability icons could overflow
Don't show swimming icon for amphibians
Trinity god 2 & 3 didn't auto bless units
Don't crash for assassination attacks in unforeseen places
Fixed crash when viewing history replay before viewing map
Battle log fix
Event fixes

#req_targowner didn't work
New monster & item commands: #corpselord, #ivylord, #dragonlord, #lamialord
New monster & item commands: #alchemy, #warning, #deadhp
Monster commands: #indepspells, #corpseeater
Item commands: #hp, #recuperation, #noforgebonus, #stealthboost
Item commands: #yearaging, #noaging, #noagingland
nation description for nations with same name didn't work
res_targundead...req_targmagicbeing didn't work
fix for info on items with #batstartsum
pregame events that occur when game is created
poisonarmor without value didn't work
Increased maximum number of new descriptions
Better load PNG support

Ora sono impegnato, dopo magari posso dare chiarimenti sulle meccaniche di LA Phlegra, se richiesti.

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