Patch 4.14

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Patch 4.14

Messaggio Da Admin il 5/11/2014, 15:03

E' uscita la nuova patch con "DLC" gratuito che aggiunge ben 4 razze giocabili nuove (Xibalba nelle 3 ere e Nazca in Middle Age), i cambiamenti a livello del gioco sono minimi ma le nuove razze sono veramente originali, segue l'elenco delle modifiche che apporta la versione 4.14 al gioco:

Version 4.14


2 completely new nations: Xibalba (EA, MA & LA) and Nazca (MA)
Mace dmg 4 -> 5
Horror improvements
Improved battle reports for some attacks with temporary monsters
Icons for Disease Res and Dominion Spreader
Network protocol updated, server & client must be updated at the same time
Better enforcement of magic item rules
Wrong icon for battle menu
Typos and stat fixes
Star of Heroes only strikes one magic armor part at a time
Wrong range for multiple missile weapons
Transformation bug fixed
Internal damage (e.g. incinerate, disintegrate) always hits body
Event update
New epithets
Pretender and disciple blesses all units every round
Added some descriptions that were missing
Improved magic item info
Updated insanity orders
Could not use magic item rituals while sieging
Enforce no orders for undisciplined squads
One unit too much from certain send spells
Onaqui random S -> random F
Some rituals could pass through domes unhindered, fixed
New ability: Poisonous Skin
Units target random squares in battle more often
Spell name change: Blood Vengeance -> Damage Reversal
Coastal income bonus info bug fix
Scrying from sites was broken
Squad size not updated after 'remove unable units'
Heart Finding effect now an internal damage
Changes to Erinya's weapons
Wild Hunt conj 9 -> 7
Kindly Ones conj 9 -> 8
Sorcerer pretender for MA Machaka was missing
Bouda pretender for EA Machaka was missing
Barrier (artifact) cannot be used by mounted units
Nonmounted units -2 def / attack, mounted -1 def / attack
New mod command: #limitedregen
Cannot steal mercs blood slaves with 'V'
Graphics for Seraphine/High Seraph prophets were missing
Overpopulation improvement
False cheat detection during fort construction fixed
Random event monster count bug fix
Vengeance of the dead did not ignore orders like other assassinations
Too much info in F1 in certain circumstances
File handle leak fixed
Theurg communicants did not work properly
Negative forge bonus did not work
Valkyrie got light lance like other flyers

AI war states now reset between games

Event modding added (over 200 new mod commands)
Possible to make global ritual and nation effects with event modding
Modding: #holyboost didn't work properly
New mod commands: #raiseonkill, #raiseshape, #prophetshape, #insane
New mod commands: #clear (for weapons and armors), #copyweapon, #copyarmor
New mod command: #diseaseres
Mod downloading during game setup could lock up the game
Modded nations with nation number > 127 didn't work with network play
Mod #dmg can take higher numbers
Modding: Heat-/Coldrec 0 now works
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